Small Stones and New Years Resolutions

ImageAs a mindfulness discipline and a way of keeping my fiction and poetry-writing muscles flexed as I work on my non-fiction ‘Wild Motherhood’ book, I am writing ‘small stones’ everyday, ‘Small Stones‘ is an idea developed by author and Buddhist Satya Robyn, formerly Fiona Robyn, whose books I discovered earlier this year. It involves noticing one thing each day, giving your whole awareness to it, and then writing about it. I have joined the January Mindful Writing Challenge as a daily discipline and so am writing and posting ‘small stones’ each day on the ‘Writing our Way Home’ blog and sometimes on my Facebook page. It’s a wonderful way to unite two of my ‘worlds’: meditation and writing.

Here is one of my small stones from yesterday – I have yet to get to today’s challenge, though I’ve stored up a few ideas!

100 Teddy Bears:

She is about 70, nearly bald, with wisps of white hair belied by shoulder-length elaborate black earrings, as if on her way to a cocktail party. She holds up her huge handbag, covered with teddy bears. ‘I have 100 teddy bears,’ she announces proudly to my son on the bus. ‘How many do you have?’ The other passengers look away, wincing into their laps. My son smiles and starts to tell her the plot of the last movie he saw. She’s got more than she bargained for.

To see my more detailed blog about whether to make New Year’s Resolutions happen or let them happen – or indeed whether to bother making resolutions at all – click here.


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One Response to Small Stones and New Years Resolutions

  1. I have 1. Well travelled, and as grey as myself. 2 bears in a van… there has got to be a story in that…

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