Summer-autumn spell


Summer-autumn transitions are always a mix of flavours for me: I enjoy getting back into work routines and feel the return to the more internal writing-generating space…but I also feel the sadness of saying a temporary goodbye to campfires, green earth and sun, and the complete freedom of letting go of structure and embracing travel. Summer for me is always a time of relaxing my productivity and enjoying more ‘being’…somewhat enforced by the round-the-clock childcare aspects of school holidays, which I can surrender into and enjoy.

But being a person who thrives on getting stuff done and being creative, I was starting to chomp at the bit a little after 4 weeks of the holidays. I was being a little hard on myself for not attending to my Wild Motherhood Book for some weeks, having promised I’d get it out for feedback a couple of months ago. What little time I had child-free was spent mostly working on a freelance copywriting project, writing about mind-body practices. But today I have cracked the membrane, as a good friend says, and got my manuscript to a feedback-suitable state, emailing it to a friend who offered to give me feedback; sent off some poetry turned into lyrics, to a musician friend for possible melody matching; and sent my illustrator the suggested revisions for our children’s book collaboration. All stuff I was convinced would take hours and days and for which I felt far too exhausted the last few weeks, but really only required a little space as my son went off to his dad’s for the weekend and I for once had a weekend at home on my hands. Re-connecting with my dreams feels good! 


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2 Responses to Summer-autumn spell

  1. Tig says:

    Let’s pray those evening fires, connecting with nature and contemplation continue to feed our creativity into the winter when we can stare into indoor fires and dance with words and pictures.

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