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Justifying Pleasure and Non-Tangible Work: Not Everything is About Productivity

Originally posted on space2live:
Others are quick to let you know what they find acceptable when it comes to how you  spend your day. You earned money doing it? Perfectly valid use of time. You made something useful? That will…

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Showing vs. Telling

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? If there was one piece of writing advice I disliked most as a new writer, it certainly was “Show, don’t tell.” Initially, I had no idea what it meant. Self-help writing blogs often…

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Wild Motherhood, Self Publishing, and Other Questions

Hello again, and happy (belated) new year. The past six weeks have been a productive and exciting time for me. I had a refreshing break over Christmas and New Year, with a lot of singing, 5 Rhythms dancing and relaxing … Continue reading

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Privacy vs. Internet Communication

Originally posted on eaglecrowowl:
I am enmeshed in an ongoing mental dilemma regarding communication on the Internet.  Is it okay for me to write a blog, post stuff on Facebook, comment on stuff on Facebook, share photos of my kid,…

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