Privacy vs. Internet Communication

I think about these issues a lot. The online age presents so many amazing opportunities – to connect, to reflect deeply, to share ideas – but it also ushers in a lot of dilemmas about privacy and how much to share of who you are (and where).


I am enmeshed in an ongoing mental dilemma regarding communication on the Internet.  Is it okay for me to write a blog, post stuff on Facebook, comment on stuff on Facebook, share photos of my kid, let people see my art, etc. or should I maintain my privacy and by extension maintain control over unintended consequences?

Obviously, as you are reading this, I’ve made a decision to write, however, I still hotly contest that decision in my head everyday and with every post.


When I wrote anything in the past, it was almost only for an audience of one.  I would write a letter or an email to “X”.  I didn’t have to analyze very hard what was appropriate and inappropriate for “X” to know.  I could filter almost unconsciously.  Facebook has been a real conundrum in that when I go there to write, I am potentially addressing 100s of people.  I…

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5 Responses to Privacy vs. Internet Communication

  1. eaglecrowowl says:

    Thank you for sharing this Morgan!

  2. Mary Trunk says:

    Thanks for reposting this, Morgan. I so agree with you about this dilemma. I find I think about it a lot more regarding my daughter. Hope you’re doing great! -M Mary Trunk 626-590-1803

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