Copywriting and Content Creation


My experience as a copywriter includes writing web content, articles, blog posts, and fliers. I also provide editing and proofreading services, as well as tuition and support with setting up social media promotion for self-employed individuals and small businesses I am particularly interested in producing copy for artists or artistic organisations, organisations and individuals involved in women’s issues, mental health or psychology, and mind/body practices or holistic health. Contact me using the form below. My recent projects include the following:

  • Web content creation for ‘We Create Worldwide’: Articles

I wrote 40 articles about mind-body practices, forming an A-Z called’Thrive Up’ for this ground-breaking website Ripe and Ready, directed at the younger, ‘digital’ generation. I worked as part of a team over several months and included knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, keyword research and house style in my content creation.

channel-mini_thrive (2)

  • Web content creation for entrepreneur Eben Lingenfelder: Articles & Blog Posts

 Between January and May 2014 I wrote several articles and reviews for a variety of small businesses, including a wedding space, a golf gifts website, a golf cart information website, a women’s beauty product review site, and a vintage engagement wedding ring site. Articles can be shared on request. “Morgan is an absolute pleasure to work with. She delivered exactly what I had requested. The content she wrote for me was just perfect for its intended use, and the writing was of very high quality. I look forward to working with her again” and “Great job by Morgan. Highly recommended writer.” – Eben Lingenfelder, entrepreneur.

“Finding Morgan was like finding water in a desert. I had procrastinated, doubted, written and re-written the text for my web site and I was not happy. She took all my notes and structured and made it pretty and coherent. As a photographer, I needed  an objective view on my text and some guidance and support. People think you need to have a massive job for it to be really important to use a copywriter. I use Morgan for big things like the text for Artists statement to checking through application forms, etc. …I love her flexibility, no job too small. I am so glad I have found someone I can trust to look over, correct and bring her creative insight to the written aspect of my life so I can focus on my talent and not feel stressed by having to do it all.”
EDF Project; Files Mastered upto 250Mb; Image 1000mm x 1250mm.

  • Writing web content and flier for productivity consultant and art journalling facilitator Moyra Scott:

“Working with Morgan was an amazing experience. I went to her as a copywriter for my website and flyers, to introduce both of my businesses.  I am more of a visual person and I feel I struggle with words, and it’s so hard sometimes to present what you do yourself in a way that shows off your best qualities. For Morgan, this is her craft and her profession.  So she was able to turn my ramblings into something coherent, articulate and yet still in my voice.  What she had written was me, only better.   She was able to listen to what I said about my business (asking pertinent questions to help me express myself clearly) and came back to me a few days later with copy that was in my voice and what I wanted to say, only, it really was like someone had waved magic over it. It sounded like me, but at my best and most articulate.  She wove my vision into words.  I am very happy with the whole experience and I would recommend her work highly.”

  • Editing/Proofreading website content Plus Social Media Set-Up for Holistic Therapist Jill Kettle:

“Working with Morgan was really inspiring and also very easy. She is knowledgeable, relaxed and very professional. I was really happy with the quality of her proof reading and she supported me to edit my work in a way that kept it really true to what I was wanting to express, but more concisely. I found her guidance to support me with my business promotion on Facebook really helpful and encouraging. I can really recommend her.” – Jill Kettle, group facilitator, doula, massage therapist, acupuncturist.

  • Proofread of a translated E-book for Nicotext:

10,000 words, translated from the Swedish, on the subject of knots. Some copy editing included, in terms of looking out for flaws in the translation. I am now working on another proofreading project for Nicotext. “Thank you, really great comments!” – Sara Starkstrom, Nicotext.


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